“Madam, I need you to remain calm & trust me; I am a professional.Beneath this pillow lies the key to my realease”. This is one of the lighter moments and one of those lines that cracked me up in the performance of Robert Downey Jr in his Portrayal of SHERLOCK HOLMES.Sherlock Holmes a fictional Character brought to life by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle made its way to the big screen through the works of Guy Rictchie less than a month ago , On Christmas Day. Guy Ritchie who gave us viewers “Snatch” a few years ago (early 2000 I believe) and a movie I am sure a mojoirty of us have most definetly viewed – “Rock N Rolla” almost a year or so ago now has brought-forth this household fictional character & has done it Justice.Although as growing up I have heard of Sherlock Holmes and his sidekick Dr.Watson – I never did have the enthusiasm to pursue the novels written on his epic adventures of crime solving. I have most definitely read a short story or two but never did have the interest in actually lending a book out of the college library and reading it.NO WAY!!Robert Downey Jr,Jude Law and the astounding poster of Sherlock Holmes the movie – made me so badly wanna watch this. I was confused if to watch Sherlock Holmes or the Bad Luitenant (Nicholas Cage) & then looking at the show timings Sherlock Holmes it was.The great fictional character who I had never seen on screen before with his blood brother Dr.Watson unveiled……The first scene itself without a doubt had me engrossed in the movie that I was most Defintely sure I had to write about the experience as soon as I made it home. The first scene took me through the dark streets of Old England, winding through its narrow roads with Watson in the rear of the horse carriage (Jude Law).Moving onto a place where dark magic was being practiced and creating a sense of darkness.Then comes in the man of the movie, Holmes(Robert Downey Jr).The very first introduction to the character was how he reduced the tiniest detail into making quite an impressive assumption about the situation and knocking a guy down on his ass unconcious.That very instant I was impressed and I just could not wait to see what happened next. (Which ofcourse I aint gonna mention).The movie evolves hence; Holmes and Watson solving a crime/ Mystery of how a powergreedy Lord Blackwood(Mark Strong) in his devious plan of taking over the parliment of England and control of the world.The effects and the costuming and the colors used in the movie makes the feel of the entire movie more realistic and sensible to watch. However the scene on the London Bridge I felt did look quite a lot like computer jibberish. Thats Just me!The fight sequences to the movie were absolutely choreographed to near perfection. Although you can count the number of such scenes in the movie, the few scenes that were there was an easy 7. Quite good. As I do remember Holmes and Watson from my childhood there was quite a few laughs as well in them & “yes”. Quite right , the movie did have quite the justified balance of laughs in it. Specially with the Inspector Lestrade (Eddie Marsan) & Irene Adler(Rachel McAdams).I did have a slight confusion though. Rachel McAdams did fit in her character of Irene Adler so very well and was superb in her role as she always is. The sexy, twisted characters she has pulled off in her past endeavours makes it more the reason why I felt she was awesome.However I could not help but keep thinking Helena Bonham Carter would have fitted the role much more effectively.Maybe to me she always looked like on of those stars who pulls of the dark (evil) sexy women more better. Errrm… thats Just me again….Every movie to me does have one of those things that I always thinks could have been done better. This time it is the final cut taken on the London Bridge. With todays technology I was quite surprised to see a movie in this class not being able to blend the character with the ancient computer graphic. I mean how come? They did it with “Gladiator” in 2000. How come it aint possible now?? I am sure there is a logical explanation to all of it. However as a viewer and from the audience – it aint my concern!! I need it all to be realistic!!!!!!This brings me to the final memory I carried off from the theatre as I walked off – one of the most beautiful and effective death scenes that I have scene in a long time. As they pan away from the last scene with the nemisis dead – Guy Ritchie has managed to capture all elements in one shot. Lord Black wood,in Old England (London Bridge in construction) and the gloomy colors in the back ground stretching out to the horizon.Amazing – It looked the perfect wall paper for my pc!!Well that was Sherlock Holmes to me and I loved it.I am just a regular movie buff and this is just how I saw the movie and how I felt about it – No more no less…..If you have not seen it…. WATCH IT!!! ITS WORTH IT!!!