“Paramount Pictures would like to thank the families of Micah Sloat & Katie Featherstone and the San Diego Police Department” – This was the opening Marque to the 2009 release of the horror hit “PARANORMAL ACTIVITY”. Written and directed by the Oren Peli, this movie is guaranteed to send the horror extremists on one scary ride.Released 4 months ago, I had a long wait to be able to get hold of a good copy of the movie. If you don’t have the patience, this movie will probably turn you off within the 1st 15 minutes or so and would just make you get up and walk away. However if you last the 1st 15 minutes the movie will take you along a spine tingling journey of scares and thrills.When the movie opened it is made to believe that it’s based on true events which until the end credits are the same idea that I had in my own mind. The director successfully managed to keep me more involved in the movie and makes it look all the more realistic by creating the “True Story” base.The movie opens to the daily life style of a student- Katie and her Day Trader; boy friend- Micah. Katie and Micah’s life unveils to us through a camera Micah has obtained for the sole purpose of capturing the supernatural events that have been taking place in their lives. Katie who has been experiencing these events since her childhood of 8 years is portrayed by Texas born American actress Katie Dianne Featherstone alongside the co star Micah Sloat who portrays the boyfriend. I must say for newbie’s on screen, the 2 actors made more than fair justice to the roles in the movie. Everything about them was perfect for the screen. The feel of it all being a documented true story was well and visible. This movie is not the standard “THE EXORCIST” that scared the life out in the 70s. This is a whole new level of movie and is very well done. The movie of this sorts, I last saw in the year 1999 – a good 10 years ago, when as a teenager I watched “Blair Witch Project”.I always believed that spirits, Demons or ghosts always was most active at midnight – however the paranormal activity brings it all to life at the early dawns between 2am and 4 am. At first I was wondering why it was 2am and not 12 midnight. Then I realised it was sheer genius on part of the Director OREN PELI. He was always acting on the element of surprise which kept me wondering what’s going to be next and what’s going to happen next. No 2 events in the movie occur in the same time so it’s always the unexpected!!!As the movie climaxes the fear and the intensity builds up in a parallel dimension. The occurrences and the frequencies of the supernatural events are more frequent and the intensity of the violence heightens along with it. There is nothing more fearsome than an unseen force that’s trying to end your life. The most amazing and my personal favourite part of the movie – which I will not spoil by going into detail is when the protagonist turns into what was feared. Quite ironically the movie ends with the one who tries to protect being killed by the one who was being protected. Twisted isn’t it???Paranormal Activity was not in the cinemas for a long time, and most of us horror fans seemed to have missed out on this piece. Grab a copy folks and sit yourself down and enjoy this movie. This is one of those movies that you should not miss, and I am quite confident that it’s one of the best ever done in its genres of filming.I am just a regular movie buff and this is just how I saw the movie and how I felt about it – No more no less…..Scary, Spine tingling and has a surprising treat at every turn!!