‘Fast Five’, the fifth movie in the ‘Fast and Furious’ franchise. While I have to disagree with the people saying that this is the best in the series, it is better than the disaster that the fourth film was. Still though, they have a ways to go before they can get on back on the level of the second and third films of the series.

The movie was directed by Justin Lin, making this his third straight ‘Fast and Furious’ film. Starring in the movie is series regulars Paul Walker and Vin Diesel accompanied by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and almost every other character from the franchise, seriously all of them. Nothing to fancy with the story here, it picks up right were the last film left off with Dom (Diesel) being broken out of police custody and the group fleeing to Rio to hide out. They get involved, in a bad way, with the local tyrant and chaos ensues. Wanting to get away and start fresh they decide to rob the tyrant and buy there freedom.

One of the greatest things about this movie was getting to see the interactions between all the characters from this franchise. Seeing Roman Pierce and Dom finally come face to face, along with seeing more of everyone’s favorite drifter Han made this movie very memorable. The problem that arose from this though was that there were too many characters, so the people who didn’t really have much of a back story or that were just not very developed, still aren’t. It was a great idea but it just wasn’t done well. Also some of the actors (Walker) gave very bland performances that would’ve easily turned this movie into what the last one was if not for the very well spaced out, yet very short, moments were we get to see the other characters that we all love.

One huge problem I’m having with these movies now though, and especially this one, is that with the story becoming so big and epic, there’s not really much of that great street racing that started it all. In fact in this movie I believe there is only one quarter mile race that last all of maybe sixty seconds. To make up for this though, the movie has some of the greatest chase scenes that I think I’ve ever seen. And the action is top notch, especially Diesel’s fight scenes. So it’s kind of a mixed bag here, although I would prefer a return to the street racing, I understand why they went this route and give them major props for doing a great job of it.

All in all this was a pretty great film for anybody who is a fan of the series. I don’t think this will make you a fan if you didn’t already care for the other movies but check it out because with the new “summer blockbuster” route they’re taking,  you’ll definitely get some enjoyment out of it.