Zack Snyder’s movie “Sucker Punch” is an action movie about a girl named Baby doll(Emily Browning) who gets sent to an asylum because of the death of her mother and the brawl between her abusive step father. While she’s there she enivsions an alternate reality to help cope with whats happpening, then when she enters her reality she is enlightened by a wise man(scott Glenn) to escape from the antagonist blue jones(Oscar Isaac) with the help of her team sweet pea(Abbie Cornish), rocket(Jena Malone), blondie(Vanessa Hudgens), and amber(Jamie Chung).

                Sucker Punch is the perfect geek fantasy, action packed blockbuster made so far. its visual effects puts itself on a whole other level, and the music just fits in perfectly. the only thing that brings itself down is the storyline, its confusing and the story unfold as if it were a scab being ripped off. but the thing that sets itself apart from the good movies and the bad ones is the ending. Zack Snyder gave off strong emotions at its jaw dropping end to show the good in humanity