The 1970s were a time of radical change. From the Vietnam War to having three U.S. Presidents, the decade was full of turmoil. But the biggest change that came out of this decade was from the film industry. And 2003’s “A Decade Under the Influence” is a documentary that shows what kinds of movies came out and began the independent film movement that’s going on today. With this documentary, we get an inside look at the films of the 70s and direct their attention for a new audience to see them.

The movie is divided into three parts with each part showcasing a different section of the 1970s. The first part is called ‘Influences and Independents’ and it shows how new filmmakers got onto the scene and who their major influences were. The second part is called ‘The New Hollywood’ and here, we see original ideas being created from these new directors and seeing how women were portrayed in movies. The third and final part, appropriately called ‘Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow’, explains how the independent films of the decade changed the way we look at movies now.

“A Decade Under the Influence” is a great movie for anyone who enjoys films and learning more about them. It shows what kinds of movies the 1970s offered and how they changed the cultural impact for their time. There are also interviews with the people who made these films, like Martin Scorsese, Jon Voight, Clint Eastwood, and many more. All three sections hold the film quite well and it is very interesting to watch. This is a perfect movie and the only problem that I found was that the entire production felt like a TV miniseries. Yet it stands on its own.

Overall, “A Decade Under the Influence” is a remarkable film that you shouldn’t miss. It sums up the films of the 1970s with those who made them. A new adult audience will want to see this documentary and be aware of the drastic Hollywood was going through in this decade.