The House of the Devil

Ti West made a movie that was the sequel to Eli Roth’s camping horrorfest Cabin Fever. It sucked… hard. I thought to myself, well, this movie looks more promising, and it is supposed to be scary. My teacher, who regularly talks with me about movies, recommended this film to me, and I decided to get it on Netflix. I put the film in, and fell asleep the first time I watched it. I rewatched it from the point I fell asleep, and saw many parts that were interesting, but the film just threw everything out of the window. The idea of it was good, and the events and things that were in the film were somewhat acceptable, but the screenplay was simply shit (pardon my French). There were a couple of parts that I thought could be put to a better use, since the ending sucked as well, but the film was truly a waste of time, and was a big snorefest for most of it. For the first 80 out of 93 minutes besides a head explosion, the film asks “why don’t we get this snooping bitch to randomly walk around the house and think she’s found something when she hasn’t?”

The film centers around a girl that goes to college who decides to take a babysitting job at the house of a creepy guy. When he admits to not having a child and has a mother that she needs to watch, the story flips, and the suspense gets oh, so much higher.

The best aspect of this film is the gun-shot-to-head scene near the beginning. This could have been a fantastic set up, but no.

Bottom Line: F+. Had maybe three good scenes, but the film was just a waste. It wasn’t good, but it wasn’t as bad as… well… Terminator: Salvation…. Or maybe it was. My head hurts now.

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  1. I also did not like this at all! My friend made me watch it and was like it sooooo good and scary, and it most definitely was the opposite of both. Great review!

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