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The Fighter (2010)

Batman and Max Payne together fighting crimes on the streets of wherever would thrill us to the bone. High-end gear, an even more awesome bat mobile and bigger guns, and nastier villains. That would be action thrown at us at paces our which will boost our adrenaline rush and result in cardiac arrest! Slow down now my imaginations just wild…. Although this was the at least 85% of what I felt before I popped in the movie and sat back to watch “The Fighter”. I mean Christian Bale and Mark Wahlberg in a movie title called “The Fighter”. I was so darn excited.

Based on a True story dated back to the 80s’ and early 90s’ is Micky Ward(Mark Wahlberg )professional light welterweight boxer and his older half-brother Dicky Eklund(Christian Bale) a former professional boxer. Micky who claims that he learnt everything he knows from his older brother Dicky, is being trained by Dicky for a Championship fight. Dicky who is a junkie has issues in making into the gym in time, yet –whenever he does make it there, he is completely there. Micky who meets “a” Charlene (Amy Adams) at the local pub is swept away and begins to then – only then question if his brother is the right person to be by his side as his trainer. After all its only after meeting “a” Charlene did he begin to see the things he did not see before.

The script was a master piece of sheer beauty. If the sunset of Pearl Harbor from the sky was breathtaking and a one in a million blessing to see on the eve of one of the gravest tragedies to befall American Soil, this script must have been written with the warm rays of sun filling Scott Silver. There is method to the madness always when you play with a true factual story. Firstly, only those who experienced it will always know what it felt like to be there, having to bring that into a script and the reenact it all, trying to capture at least 50% of what was felt at that time by the families involved was fabulous. You have to keep in mind, that those who we speak of in this movie, are still around until this day, if not all at least a few! In the hands of the right man, this script would do wonders? Has it? Director David Russell has not missed a spot. He nailed it, hard and with a bang! Fantastic cast, fantastic direction, fantastic development of the characters, and fantastic attention to detail on the viewer’s span of interest. Many a great directors at time fail to keep this thought in mind, all humans have a certain span of interest and then they suddenly get bored. It happened in high school it happened in college and it most certainly happens in the Cinema. That’s when you fall asleep or reach out and grab your phone and send a text.

Its injustice if I don’t commend Mark and Christian. They are brilliant, what’s a better word than brilliant? Super super brilliant! Of course this will come as no surprise with these Gurus of the screen. I was astounded by the clarity in the performance of Christian Bale. Never ever did I consider him to be able to be so versatile? He just grabbed my interest with surprise right from the start. Playing a junkie is not as easy as you may think. Especially to convince those Junkies who watch him act. Outstanding. All my jabber is justifiable – 83rd Grammy awards! In contrast with Bale, Marks character was not one that required much out of him, he just had to stand his ground and be the person who he always is on screen. Amy Adams on the other hand, sweet tattoo!

I hope as a reader you won’t expect a verdict on this piece?

Title: The Fighter

Starring: Christian Bale, Mark Wahlberg

Rated: R for Language throughout, drug content, some violence and sexuality

Rating: 09/10

115 Minutes

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