Love and Other Drugs stars Jake Gyllenhall and Anne Hathaway. In the mid 1990s, Jamie (Gyllenhall) is a young, charming salesman which serves as an advantage as he enters a career in pharmaceutical sales. Being skilled in sales, Jamie also has a skill of charming women and having many conquests over women which he has pursued for his own satisfaction. Jamie has never met a challenge he couldn’t defeat. That is, until he meets Maggie (Hathaway), a young, free-spirited, seemingly hypochondriac. In a way, when Jamie meets Maggie, he has actually met his match and can’t seem to defeat this challenge because, as he has used women, she has turned the tables and only wants him for one purpose. Maggie, not being interested in a serious relationship, constantly tries to make it clear to Jamie that they will be nothing more than friends with benefits. Jaime can’t stand the overwhelming feeling of rejection and starts developing deeper feelings for Maggie.One thing I enjoyed about Love and Other Drugs was the comic relief. This romantic comedy seemed to have more comedy than romance because most of the film involved Maggie’s constant rejections to Jamie’s advances. However, it seemed that she was only afraid of being hurt and refused to let anyone get to know her. As far as how this movie was portrayed on the screen, there wasn’t anything which stood out to me as far as the cinematography, background music, set design, etc.There was a lot of charisma and chemistry in this film and overall I thought this was an okay movie. This isn’t a movie I would add to my collection but it’s worth a watch if there is a Redbox near you.My verdict: 3 stars