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Show Me How You Burlesque

Burlesque The commotion and all the advertisement for this movie lead to a building excitement until the day it was finally released. A movie starring two musical phenomenons to say the least was bound to attract this much attention and interest. Taking place in LA, Christina Aguilera finally puts her musical talent on the big screen in her first major role in a motion picture. As if that wasn’t enough to get people on the edge of their seats, they choose one of the biggest stars and legends in the musical industry, Cher, to star alongside her in this musical. The plot is pretty much the usual: The talented, beautiful, and young starlet Allie (Aguilera) leaves Iowa behind her after she’s had it with all the mistreatments and heads off to LA to make her dream of becoming a huge star come true. She is immediately met by rejection and  pessimistic people underestimating her talent. Then one day, in her pointless job hunt, she sees a club sign that attracts her attention. She goes on and thinks it is a strip club at first because she has obviously never witnessed such a thing, being from Iowa and all, but she later realizes it is what they call ‘Burlesque’, which is a club where basically the starlets lip sync to all the famous Broadway songs, but that’s fine, because the people are ‘not there to hear them sing’ all they want to do is see them dance. She goes inside and with her persistence lands herself a job as a waitress. But that was not what she wanted. She wanted to be on the stage with the spotlight shining on her. That proves to be a tough job since the club’s owner, Tess (Cher) is as much of a headstrong woman as Allie is, but with her determination during auditions she finally lands herself a role as one of the backup dancers in ‘Burlesque’. Then in an attempt to sabotage the new girl’s career because she sees her as a threat, Nikki (Kristen Bell) cuts off the background music while Allie is on the stage, thinking that was meant to stop her. Of course, being the great singer that she is, Allie simply opens her mouth and starts singing and everyone in the club goes crazy. From then Tess decides to redo the show so that it al revolves around Allie’s talent and voice. Of course, there is a romantic side to the movie between Allie and the bartender Jack (Twilight star Cam Gigandet). Their love story evolves when she moves in with him after her apartment is broken into and realizes he is in fact not gay, but he also has a fiance. That doesn’t stop her from falling for him or him her, though. Her life seems to be perfectly falling in place when she learns that Tess in on the verge of losing the club to successful businessman Marcus (Eric Dane). Allie works hard alongside Tess to save the club, and in the process a legend aids in the birth of a star. Despite what some might say, the acting delivered in the movie is actually quite impressive. Considering Aguilera never really did any serious acting in her life she delivers the role of aspiring Allie pretty well. Also Julianna Hough proves to be a triple threat after her enormous success on Dancing With the Stars and her album’s release, her very believable acting actually delivers quite well. Of course, everyone else in the cast has already proven his/her self as a self worthy actor. The plot is somewhat of a letdown, though. The script and the conversations are extremely witty, but the overall story is what might slightly bother us. This is not the first, or the tenth time a movie has been done with an almost identical plot. Considering the stars of the movie are pretty much sensations, the movie was expected to be slightly less tacky. But the fact that it was so predictable actually made it quite unpredictable for me. I actually enjoyed the movie very much. My expectations concerning the plot aside,  Aguilera and Cher’s performances pretty much make up for anything that could’ve gone wrong in the movie. So for any music or Burlesque lover, this is the movie for you.

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