These past couple of years, Hollywood has made movies that are appropriate for adults that would seem suitable for children. This has mainly occurred with the horror genre in films like “Monster House” and “Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit”. Now, they are going after the western genre with the animated film “Rango”. Here, Hollywood presented itself with a story about personal belief and finding one’s true meaning. With stunning animation and a great voice cast, the only thing that I found to be a disappointment was a lack of better character development. “Rango” is a nice animated movie that will surely entertain kids and impress adults at the same time.

The plot of the movie centers on a lizard (played by Johnny Depp) that gets lost in the Mojave Desert. After meeting another lizard named Beans (Isla Fisher), she takes the stranger to the town of Dirt. Here, he adapts the name Rango and saves the town from a hawk and is proclaimed sheriff. As sheriff, Rango must solve a mystery surrounding the town’s water shortage, even though he’s making the sheriff bit up. Can Rango prove himself to be accepted amongst his new friends? We’ll just have to find out.

“Rango” excels in many things. First off, the cast is perfect. Johnny Depp does a fantastic job at voicing the title character, and the supporting cast (which includes the likes of Abigail Breslin, Alfred Molina, and Ned Beatty) all do an outstanding job under Gore Verbinski’s direction. Next, the movie treats the western genre to its full extent. We have characters riding out in the desert catching a group of bandits, and a local sheriff who must find out what is going on in the town. But where this film really shines is in the animation department. Industrial Light & Magic, more commonly known as the studio behind the “Star Wars” movies, presents a great atmosphere with the work that they’ve done. The character animation is absolutely brilliant and the visuals are outstanding. But with all this praise, there has to be some flaws in the film.

My only complaint about the movie is that it could have spent more time by bringing a better character development. If we had seen flashbacks of the main characters, namely Beans and Rango, then we might have formed a bond between the characters. But as it stands, this movie is not too shabby.

Overall, “Rango” is a good movie to get kids interested in the western genre, but needs more time developing its characters. I personally had my doubts about the film, but it wasn’t that bad. I recommend this movie to anyone who enjoys westerns and who wants to introduce their kids to the genre.