‘The Departed’ (2006) (Action/Drama) Directed by Martin Scorsese, Starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Matt Damon and Jack Nicholson along side a terrific supporting cast including Mark Wahlberg (Oscar Nomination – Best supporting actor), Martin Sheen and Alec Baldwin.

A gripping crime drama set in Boston Massachusetts where Colin Sullivan (Damon) and William Costigan Jr. (DiCaprio) graduate Police College as State Troopers. Unbeknown to each other Sullivan becomes a detective while Costigan serves time in jail to establish his status as an undercover agent, before they are subsequently pit against each other under the influence of Staff Sgt. Dignam (Wahlberg) and Cpt. Queenan (Sheen) to bring down crime boss Frank Costello (Nicholson) and find information regarding stolen microchips used to control missiles. Costigan returns to his old stomping grounds and begins doing drug deals with his estranged cousin – convincing Costello and Costello’s right hand man Mr. French, played by Ray Winstone (Sexy Beast/44 inch chest) that he is no longer a cop. Meanwhile Sullivan faces his biggest test to maintain a double life as lead detective in the stolen microchip case and as a rat for Costello – avoiding suspicion from his superior Cpt. Ellerby (Baldwin). Things take a turn for the worst when Queenan is murdered after a botched stakeout and Dignam is forced to take a leave of absence, leaving Costigan with no option but to reveal the truth to Police physiatrist and Sullivan’s girlfriend Madolyn – Vera Farmiga (Up in the air) with whom Costigan has also become involved.

When it is revealed that Costello is an FBI informant Sullivan is forced to cover his tracks to protect his reputation at all costs.

Scorsese’s fingerprints are all over this film, delivering sharp fast moving cinema-photography doing justice to William Monahan (Kingdom of Heaven/Body of Lies) and Alan Mak’s writing abilities.  

A typically Scorsese like soundtrack featuring the likes of the Rolling Stones, Allman Brother Band, John Lennon, Roger Waters and the Beach Boys, accentuating the local Irish flavor with help from the NYPD Emerald Society Pipes and Drums. 

‘The Departed’ delivers on all levels. A beautifully selected cast: Nicholson is at his all time best as a villain and Damon a convincing liar. Be prepared to fall for DiCaprio again and be seduced by the sexy Farmiga. Sheen delivers as expected, Baldwin is on form and Wahlberg’s Oscar Nomination is clearly justified. A riveting, emotional thrill ride that is sure to satisfy.  See also – Training Day, Body of Lies.