“Gooble-gobble, gooble-gobble, one of us, one of us!” 

A cult horror flick (or at least the last ten or so minutes of it makes it concidered to be a horror) about side-show performers which has real carnival “freaks” that includes people with deformities such as missing limbs, siamese twins, adult-children, and others (bless their hearts).

Designed as a shocker movie it’s actually much more innocent than it appears and yet that’s what’s so haunting about it. A somewhat exploitation of these types of people and the things they pretty much had to take during these times. You feel as though some of the “normal” people deserve what they get due to the abusive ways they handle them with. What really makes it stranger to me is the legendary “gooble goble one of us” scene. At first it seems fun and adorable but somehow the mood changes after a man’s tease at whom it was directed to. There is no other movie quite like this one and I suggest this to any hardcore movie fan