What ever happened to good old fashioned slap stick comedies? The days of hot shots and naked guns. very few decent parodies have been released in the passed decade, and the trash that has been released in the passed few years have ruined my hope for this genre to make a comeback. If you are unsure what movies I am referencing, go see “Vampires Suck” and you will understand where I am coming from.

The last decent Parody I enjoyed was “Not Another Teen Movie”. This movie had all the elements needed to make a movie great. The punchlines were spot on, but they did not try too hard to deliver them, like most movies now. It was rated ‘R’, which opens up many more possibilities. Back in the day, “Hot Shots” and “Naked Gun” movies were not rated ‘R’, but the target audience is changing, so the movies have to adapt. most companies want to keep them PG-13 these days┬áto make a few extra bucks.

It is unfortunate that Hollywood has come to this. Parodies were always one of my favorite genres.