One of the greatest animation films comes back to life. Winner of the animation movie of the year for all three of its trilogies TOY STORY. Made by the amazing minds of Disney Pixar films that made those toys we know and love that made us cry come back to life. The great voice of Tom Hans as Woody and Tim Allen as buzz light year. Directed by the great Director Lee Unkrich 

So here is the story Andy is going to college  and he is faced with the decision of giving them away or keeping them he then only keeps woody and puts the rest in a plastic bag .He is about to put them in the attic but in a odd occurrence of events they end up in a plastic bag on the curb about to be throw in the garbage truck. They escape from that situation and decide to donate themselves to nearby day-care centre woody tries to make them stay but fail and leaves with them. They arrive at the day-care and they love it there it all looks like fun until the welcoming bear comes  and takes them to a place where the children beat and destroy the toys Woody escapes and misses the wrath of the kindergarteners This was such a amazing movie that made me cry with the special ingredients of a cup of smiles and a jar of laughter topped with a teaspoon of sadness this is amazing.