The Roommate (2011)
93 min  –  Drama | Thriller   –  4 February 2011 (USA)
Director: Christian E. Christiansen
Writer: Sonny Mallhi
Stars: Minka Kelly, Leighton Meester and Cam Gigandet

It would be easy to say that The Roommate is a lazy attempt at a remake of the 1992 movie, Single White Female without claiming to be, but it isn’t really…. Because at least Single White Female was more of a psychological thriller in it’s day, than The Roommate is in today’s industry.  Here in 2011 I expected a bit more.   I actually looked forward to an upscale version of SWF, I was mistaken, because sadly,  apparently mundane  and unimaginative are enough for the writers of The Roommate , it seems they don’t wish to entertain, let alone engage their audience.  That said, let’s go…

Summary:  A  story about a freshmen college student, Sara (Minka Kelly) and her obsessed psycho roommate, Rebecca ( Leighton Meester) who feels the need to remove everyone from Sara’s path, her newly aquired BFF – a destination established by Rebecca and by Rebecca alone, after only two days.

As much as I like a flick with a demented chick, I must admit, there was something lacking in this – a movie I truly thought was going to offer so much more than it did …I like the concept of the movie because I was able to see what it could have been, through the glimpses of the psychotic potential shown by way of the character, Rebecca.  However, It was basically a hoe hum type of movie.   Sara (Minka Kelly) who is about as interesting as soggy white bread or peeling paint – doesn’t matter which you associate her with, it’s still the same.,  she goes to her second choice college because her inapt boyfriend, Jason did not initially get accepted into Brown as she did, so they break up and she goes on to the other college – and just to piss her off or the audience – who knows, Jason finally gets accepted at Brown, but only after Sara goes on to the other school.  Mind you, this information regarding Jason is provided via cell phone messages, and Sara’s need to tell all her business to someone she does not even know, of course that would be, no other than the lovely Rebecca.  Sara ends up tied to Rebecca (Leighton Meester) her roommate who is about as private and withdrawn as Sara herself, but with a spicy twist – she’s insane, well not really, she’s suppose to be on medication, but apparently doesn’t actually take it – the audience will not know why.

Perhaps  it would have been better, or at least more exciting if the story would have concentrated on Rebecca as oppose to Sara.  There should have been more of a back story written for Rebecca, because the audience really could have benefited from knowing what happened in Rebecca’s pass.  Though there was the brief unannounced trip to her  parents house during the Thanksgiving holiday, the scene briefly eluded to the parents being quite afraid of their (un)medicated-behind daughter, as did a trio of young women she probably attended high school with, there was no real insight or depth to that portion of the movie, or what part those characters played in Rebecca’s past life or present condition.  This back-story, had there been one, could have been a serious opportunity to push the story forward and would have provided a more anticipated climax.

This movie had so much more potential of being a true psychological thriller had the writers allowed Rebecca’s deranged character to shine, instead they focused on the dullness of Sara which brought true dullness to the movie.   Their targeted audience obviously  was the teen audience – hoping for a lack of attention span, which for this particular movie was a mistake – those connected with this film seem more focus on targeting the high volume audience for increased ticket sales, as oppose to providing an exciting and enjoyable movie to an overall audience.

Yes, I’ve left out details about:  Danneel Harris as Irene, Billy Zane as Professor Roberts and Alyson Michalka as Tracy – considering the storyline choose to leave these potentially great supporting characters out of the story.  Truly, these characters could have really help to carry this movie to it’s full potential.

I think perhaps the wrong part of the script ended up on the editing floor.  Not certain if they wanted to showcase Minka Kelly as a leading actress or what, but it did not work well for this particular vehicle; as her character was too dull to carry what was suppose to be a thriller movie, that fell short of it’s mark.  Did I like the movie?  Let’s just say, I like what the movie could have been and leave it at that.  See it for yourself….