Step Up 3D-Review

Dance mania has reached 3-D. Filled with robots, pop locking and back flips to explode out of the big screen. Luke just lost his parents and now dedicates his life to their passion, dance. He recruits unknown dancers to live in his ‘layer’ and his dance team named the Pirates. He stumbles upon Moose (Adam G Sevani) at an unannounced dance battle in the courtyard of NYU. Moose went to a dance high school but his parents want more for his future; so he’s attending NYU. Luke asks him to join and Moose figures he can have the best of worlds, dance and majoring in engineering, so he accepts. Luke later sets Natalie (Sharni Vinson) dancing around in a club and give her the same offer, she also accepts. The grand plan is to battle at the Grand Jam to win ten thousand dollar. With this money, Luke can catch up on his past due mortgages before the bank put it up for foreclosure. Now that the team’s setup, they have to pull their greatest dancers together to defeat their dance rivals. Will they win? Is the winning price enough to save the house? Will the rival team be more original and beat the Pirates? Review: I hated everything about this movie. First, 3-D? Really? I hate that more movies are made in 3-D; the only explanation is getting more money. Maybe they expected the movie to suck, so they used 3-D to get some type of profit from the few viewers that saw it. Only 3-D acceptable movie should be animation because if it’s not, than the whole thing makes me break concentration from the movie itself. Second, how many pop lock and robot dances can a person do? How is it that considered goo dancing when everyone in the film does it? Lame! The choreography was not original and it had repetitious or with lack of effort. Boring! Step Up to the Streets had the originality, it’s like this film ran out of ideas. Third, the romantic story? Seriously? At the beginning of the movie, Luke was so worked up on Moose, then a girl comes in and then it’s like ‘Moose who?’ Stupid! This whole movie kept me yawning, looking forward to the credits. All in all, I will never see this film or any other dance film again. 

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