In 1983, the comedian known as “Weird Al” Yankovic released a music record that contained parodies of popular songs. For example, the song ‘I Love Rocky Road’ is a parody of the song ‘I Love Rock’N’Roll’. He then released more albums containing more parodies as well as making music videos to go along with the songs, and soon “Weird Al” became extremely popular. So it was inevitable that “Weird Al” made a movie, and thus “UHF” was created. And while not a huge success, the film has gained a cult following. “UHF” may not appeal to some, but once you watch it, you might get hooked.

The plot of the movie centers on George Newman (Weird Al) who just got the opportunity to become the new boss of Channel 62. Here, George sees that the station is constantly airing old programs, and so he decides to create some new shows for the network. Shows like ‘Stanley Spadowski’s Funhouse’ and ‘Wheel of Fish’ become instant hits. But all this popularity attracts the neighboring Channel 8 and they decide to take down Channel 62 by any means necessary. Can George prove to be the hero in the nick of time? Just wait and see!

“UHF” is a great farce at the TV business and how it operates. It’s a comedy that pokes fun at all the kinds of programs that air on television. From game shows, to newscasts, and even commercials and made-for-TV movies, “UHF” has everything to offer. The gags that are presented here work just enough so that you get the idea of what they were trying to say. And while not a huge success at the box office, both critically and financially, the movie has gained a strong cult following. This is a good movie that is thoroughly enjoyable and is a lot of fun to watch many times.

Now, if I were to criticize the film for any negative remarks, it would only constitute a few outcomes. First of all, the pacing of the movie is very slow at some times. This mainly occurs in the middle of the film. Next, and finally, the story is predictable as it focuses on an evil corporation trying to take over a newer one. Yet “UHF” still stands as its own product.

Overall, “UHF” is a nice comedy that gives viewers a chance to see how “Weird Al” Yankovic can act and write for a movie. And yes I know about other parts for various films and TV shows, but those were like guest spots. The movie does have its flaws, but it’s very entertaining to watch. I recommend this movie to anyone that like cult classics and for those who are enjoying “Weird Al’s” songs for the first time.