Ellen Page, plays the loveable, smart-mouthed teen in Juno. Who gets pregnant, and plans to give the baby up for adoption. The movie takes her though her pregnancy, and the struggle of giving her baby up for adaption, going to high school, and balancing her love Paulie Bleeker (Superbad’s Michael Cera). With the acting Page does in this AWESOME, yes AWESOME movie it is no doubt that she got an Oscar nomination. Along with 3 other nominations for Best Director, and Best Picture. This movie is a must see!!! To Page’s smart mouthed character, the witty unknown songs, and their lyrics are just a few reasons to see this movie. I mean even Michael Cera (Bleeker) is funny as Heck!!!

4 thoughts on “Juno”

  1. Please tell me, Mr. Jackson, that you either have ADHD and/or did not in fact see this movie, for it is plainly obvious that you have absolutely nothing original to say on its merit (or lack thereof) in being nominated for Academy Awards, or in general for that matter. No, let me take that back. We readers are so lucky to bear witness to your genuinely AWESOME, yes AWESOME movie “review.” And yes, you are correct when you state that Superbad’s Michael Cera (Bleeker) does in fact play Paulie Bleeker (Michael Cera, Superbad) in the new loveable, smart-mouthed comedy Juno (played by the loveably smart-mouthed and pregnant Ellen Page).

    * If this is the level of gobbledygook that film criticism in America is soon to be, or already fully immersed in, then may Bazin rise from the grave and save us from damnation in Heck!

  2. WOW! You guys don’t hold back huh? It is my second one written…Give me a break…DAM! Oh and the Only reason I used heck, was because I don’t know if I could use HELL!! That is where you can go if you wanna keep being an jackass.

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