The Bank Job

The Bank Job

I know what you’re thinking. Jason Statham has made another movie to follow up that Uwe Boll movie that he made that nobody watch so why would I want to watch this one. Well before I answer anything for you I would like you to do one thing. Go grab a pencil very quickly. Please don’t read on to see where I’m going with this, just get a pen or a pencil. When you’ve got one, make the star trek wave with your hand (a peace sign with all four fingers instead of two) and then put the pen/pencil in between. Now squeeze with your other hand. That hurt didn’t it? Well that’s what you get. Every time Hollywood gets it right and makes a good movie that’s really enjoyable, nobody watches it. (For those who did watch the movie I apologize for the pain). This movie was great, it wasn’t the best of the year so far, but it was by far the best thing that’s been out in weeks.

The movie stars Jason Statham and Saffron Burrows in a heist movie which unlike many others only spends about the first half of the movie on the actual heist. Jason Statham’s character is a married man with two girls who gets a job from an ex (Burrows) about robbing a bank. She’s a little iffy on giving out information but what bank heist doesn’t have its risks? Just ask the Oceans crew. The movie begins with him gathering some close friends and old ones as well who all have their expertise that can be used (sound familiar still?). However what takes this movie above and beyond is its sub plot. There is corruption on the streets when several high ranking officials of the local police department and government are blackmailed by one of the most notorious people out on the town. He has photos of several of them doing… wild acts. He even has pictures of the Princess doing so as well. Of course as fate would have it, these photos are held secure in the exact bank that is going to be robbed. Now the whole movie plays out very linearly and it’s very easy to follow while at the same time being very easy to watch.

The acting here is much better than I expected. Everyone gives in well performances which, for a movie that sounds this corny on paper, are a great sight for sore eyes. Jason Statham in particular shows that he actually does have some talent that goes beyond his Transporter films. Saffron Burrows who is probably best known for her role in Boston Legal also checks in a strong performance as the ex girlfriend of Statham’s character who offers him the job.

Overall the movie plays out as one of my favorites of the year so far. Not the best, but one of my favorites. While not as funny it is a little bit above the Ocean’s franchise and it’s a very fun experience. This movie is rated R for a reason however as the movie contains several murders, nudity, and one of the characters is an ex adult movie start, a minor background point that is references a few times. I give this movie a 4/5 and give it a high recommendation to the audience of 16 and above.

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