Paranormal Activity 2 (91 min)

If I were to compare this sequel to the original Paranormal Activity movie I would say, eh. I mean it is a difficult thing to make a better a sequel that is as good as or better than the original, especially since the original Paranormal was so original and any sequel to an original movie is usually not going to be as good or near as good. With all that being said, they still did a pretty good job with this movie. They cleverly relate this sequel to the original as a prelude. It is now in the eyes of Katy’s sister and her family which includes her husband and step daughter that we see the haunting being portrayed through. Oh and don’t forget the newly born baby boy, the dog and the grandmother all three of which seem to be able to see an useable and an undesirable presence in the house exploring the idea that babies, pets and the elderly can see things that we cannot. This movie answers all the questions that the first movie had us asking in a very inventive way with a crazy, twisted ending that brings everything to light. It has more of a story to it than the first. It may not have been as terrifying as the first one was just because it was almost a repeat of the same scary events that happened in the first one but it would still psych you out by making you think something is going to happen and then northern does, but then after that thought passes something happens when you least expect it. That along with no music makes it suspenseful and intense itself. Maybe the acting wasn’t as good as the first even though the original two Katie and Mica played by themselves to make it more realistic, they do make their appearances. Maybe it wasn’t as frightening as the first, having the same basic horrifying things happen from the first, which you can almost always predict. But you know what? It was good enough for me. “Paranormal Activity 2” is rated R for some language and brief violent material.