Splice (104 min)

Horror, slasher film? No, more like a sci-fi drama, thriller. This movie was not what I expected. When I say the trailer, I saw a cheesy, slasher, horror film. I was right on the weird part because this movie was weird, but good, almost great. Adrian Brody and Sarah Polley convincingly play two married scientists, who are in the department of cloning and mutations and what not and they want to create a half human half animal hybrid. This hybrid being will have spliced genes from an animal and a person. They get rejected by the company they work for who forbids them from doing any such project but the two decide to do it anyways. The result; A subhuman animal with a tail and a very speedy maturity rate which they will end up regretting was ever created. The couple raises it as their own and the drama that comes with it is intense and real in the sense of the responsibility of raising something like a child. That is if that child was half animal and half human and you had to hide it and keep it away from the outside world, but you didn’t want to get rid of it because you were getting way too attached to it. And by way too attached, I mean way too attached. The only thing keeping this movie from being great is the ending. It sort of just spins way out of control. But you know what that is just how crazy sci-fi thrillers go. That is what they are inevitably meant to do, even if it means down grading the movie. So you can’t say that this is a bad movie just because it has a flawed ending. That is just how sci-fi rolls and this is indeed sci-fi at its best. “Splice” is rated R for disturbing elements including strong sexuality, nudity, sci-fi violence and language.