That stupid look on my face for the past two hours was me in pure enjoyment. The plot was great the comedy was brilliant and the car was just plain amazing.  A story about two guys who don’t know each other aside from one has made the others coffee for years, that decide to become heroes in our day and age after an act of vandalism leads them down a different path.  Kato (Jay Chou) was by far the best character of the film, funny, heroic, and bad ass, while The Green Hornet aka Britt Reid (Seth Rogen) was at times irritating and aggravating.

Britt Reid lives in his fathers shadow, as well as garage, and is a disappointment in his fathers eyes.  When his father dies he meets his fathers assistant Kato and discovers all of the amazing things he has been doing for this father.  After speaking with Kato they find their feelings towards Britt’s father reveals their only commonality.  They decide to take action, during a vandalism they prevent a mugging and in the process find out that they have a drive to be hero’s.  The two become super hero’s driving in a fully functional super car a 1966 Imperial dubbed the “Black Beauty”. After taking down many drug dealers and murders they attract the attention of the king of L.A. crime Chudnofsky aka Bloodnofsky (Chrstoph Waltz).  They must find if they can set aside their differences, stop fighting over the girl they both like Lenore Case (Cameron Diaz) and learn to work together as a team or the red of Bloodnofsky’s mask or their own blood may be the last thing they see.

This movie was fantastic aside from one cast member.  I did not like Seth Rogen in this film.  I’m not sure why I just found that during the film I found myself hating his character more and more and couldnt help but think someone else could have played his part better. Don’t get me wrong I do enjoy Seth Rogen in his other films and am a big fan, but this one I just did not enjoy it one bit.

The car was absolutely one of the best parts of the film, hell it was almost 70 percent of the film.  The gadgets, the guns, the ejector seats, everything was cool about the Black Beauty.  The fact that they used the same car all beat up and destroyed right down to the last second was just fantastic.   I dont think they could have done any more to this car and still make it more awesome to watch tear apart bad guys left and right and smash through cars during the chases.  I just though everyone watching this is going to want one.

This film was great, I enjoyed it immensely, it was very comedic and all negatives aside, if you like action comedies, check this film out its great.   Leave the kids at home though due to the graphic violence, I know most parents don’t care anymore but hey I tried.  Its 2 hours of pure action.