James Franco portrays Aron Ralston in this true story film,  who finds he needs to resort to drastic measures in order to survive being trapped by a boulder in the Moab Utah desert.  The film displays superb work by lighting specialists who worked to film in the desert and also create realistic lighting in such an intense environment while also making it as realistic as possible.  James Franco’s acting is flawless in his role and is quite possible a contender for many upcoming award shows.

Aron Ralston is adventuring through the Moab Utah desert, during his hike he however he becomes trapped when a large bolder pins his arm against a valley wall.  Unable to move the heavy rock that is now wedged against the stone walls he needs to find a way of saving himself, having told no one where he was going.   After five days of being trapped with no luck of escaping and running low on water and food he has only one option which will test his willpower to survive the ordeal.

The most intense scene involves Aron Ralstons escape from the boulders clutches.  The editing and sounds used in the short five minuets of footage  is the most dramatic and gut wrenching moment of the films entirety.  It is no wonder that they had issues in theaters of people passing out watching this particular scene.  Those of you who have seen the film know of which moment I am talking about.  When he got to a certain point it almost seemed as though he would be unable to continue but he persevered and in doing so it even my head ache and stomach roll.  The film makers defiantly came across the right way of portraying how to make it the most realistic process it could be for someone standing on the other side of the glass.

The lighting was another aspect I found well done.   I am not sure if they did it with lights or actually filmed the process when the light was at the right moment of the day but either way it was executed perfectly.  Every day at eight o’clock Aron was able to get fifteen minutes of sunlight between the crack of earth which he was locked into.  They either lit this area where he was trapped amazingly and made it seem as though the sun was rising to a point where it crept into the crevice or they actually found the perfect area to film.  I guess I will have to wait until the DVD to find out in the special features.

This film while beautifully made and an excellent portrayal of Aron Ralston’s story of survival is also intense and some may have difficulty watching it.  The scene where he finally finds the courage to free himself from the clutches of the boulder threatening to kill him  is a very graphic and intense scene which is not appropriate for all audiences and there may be some that wont be able to handle this scene, my advice is to those who think they can, watch the film its a great story and James Franco’s acting is superb.  Those who cant either close your eyes or steer clear.  But if you like a true survival story see it for sure.