This movie redefines poor film-making. With its weak acting and even weaker script & direction it is painful to watch. First of all, are we really to believe that Michelle Monaghan is a truck driver? She is just a poor caricature of a female truck driver stereotype. A foul mouthed, hard drinking, morally loose tough girl. It’s not even an original stereotype never mind a very good one. The role is not helped by Monaghan’s blah acting. She is perhaps one of the most boring actresses I have ever seen and this movie more than reminded me of that. With her other blah roles in movies like The Heartbreak Kid & Eagle Eye; I should have prepared myself for that boredom induced nap that her performances always bring. The young boy playing her son, Jimmy Bennett, was superior to her as far as acting is concerned. However, his dialogue was not at all true to an 11 year old boy. The only time he seems to do anything true to age is when he does a “whippet” and messes up the house with a friend. The rest of the time he speaks and acts like a 30 year old man with years of insight. The foul language he and Monaghan’s Diane Ford use towards each other is entirely too unrealistic. I find it difficult to believe anyone, let alone a mother, would consistently curse and use lewd innuendos towards an 11 year old. Nor do I think they would allow an 11 year old to use it in return. Poor script writing, poor dialogue, poor kid. Monaghan has no maternal chemistry with the boy who plays her son, even after her big epiphany at the end. Every time Diane referred to her child as “dude” instead of his name, Peter, I felt a need to throw a shoe at my TV. As movie characters go, Diane Ford, and Monaghan’s portrayal of her, are by far the most detestable I have ever had the misfortune to see. Nathan Fillion sleepwalks his way through his role as a spineless married man pining for Diane’s affection. Like the other “men” in this story, he only seems to be there to cater to Diane’s needs and then get discarded like Kleenex. I find it hard to believe such a nice guy as Runner would want to go where hundreds of guys have gone before. Diane repeatedly tells people she is not “that kind of girl”, yet she is constantly picking up random men on the road. Hell, it’s the opening scene of the movie. Are we really supposed to sympathize or empathize when she suddenly finds herself in a bad situation? I think not. It’s as if the writer/director, James Mottern, told the cast to act as cliché as possible. Mottern said he was influenced by movies like Alice Doesn’t Live Here Anymore and The Last Detail. This is NOTHING like that. Those were movies about real characters with real stories, not this convoluted fairytale based on incorrect ideas that are little more than bad stereotypes. There is NO dimension to any of the characters, the kid included. However, it is the general charm and easiness of Nathan Fillion and a stellar turn by Benjamin Bratt, who pops up now and again as the kid’s ailing father, that make this film watchable. Even the adorable Joey Lauren Adams is unlikable for the few moments she is seen. All in all, the script is second rate, Monaghan’s acting is below third rate and the story is downright insulting to any women in the trucking profession, hell it’s insulting to ANY women in a generally male profession.