This movie stars Jamie Foxx, Tom Cruise and has a small part for Jada Pinket-Smith.  It is 2 hours long and is rated R. 

This movie is about a cab driver, played by Foxx, who drives the mean streets of LA picking people up and dropping them off where they need to go.  He loves to play games with them, trying to get them where they want in the shortest amount of time, and he dreams big of owning a luxury limo company.  On night he picks up Tom Cruises character, Vincent, and it turns out to be one of the biggest mistakes that he makes.  Foxx is asked to drive Crusie around all night for the sum total of $700, which might not be bad for a nights work.

 The plot turns out to be an interesting one.  Vincent is a hired killer who has come to the city to kill some of his targets, and needs a driver, which is where Foxx (or the characters name is Max) comes in.  He forces Max todrive him from one murder site to the next.  All the while the FBI and Drug Force are on his tail, trying to find the killer and stop the crimes.  The plot could have been a little more developed, as we have no idea what kind of for-hire killer Vincent is.  We have noidea where he came from or if he works by himself or for some sort of company.

My other problem was why would a hired killer choose to go everywhere in a Taxi?  I mean isn’t the idea to keep your identity a secret?  I could believe this if the story took place in New York, but I had a hard time suspending my belief to believe that the story took place in Los Angeles.  Also Tom Cruise was not a very belivable killer.  I can believe him to be a lot of things, a leading romantic guy (Jerry McGuire), a fighter pilot (Top Gun), and even a action hero (Mission Impossible), but as a hired killer, nah.

If you want a good movie about a hit man, I don’t suggest this one.  If you want something fun go see HITMAN, if you want something funny go see The Matador, and if you want something stupid either see this, or The Long Kiss Goodnight

2 thoughts on “Collateral”

  1. I didn’t have anything against this movie. I’ll agree that it’s less-than-convincing to see Tom Cruise play the bad guy (even if you do grey out his hair), but the movie was pretty good.

    That said, it’s not going to make any Top Ten Lists (or even Top Twenty’s for that matter) and Pinkett-Smith’s role was annoyingly inserted. Every time she was on screen, it seemed an interruption to the story.

    I’m giving it a 3/5

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