Andrew Detmer (Dane DeHaan) has a rough life of being an outsider, living with a very sick mother and an abusive father. His only friend is his cousin, Matt (Alex Russell) but they rarely hang out because of their different personalities. Andrew decides to document his daily activities to one day show the world how hard life is for him. Forced by Matt to go to a high school party, the very popular and running school president Steve Montgomery (Michael B. Jordan) finds Andrew and asks to follow him to record something amazing found in the woods. They travel into the woods to find Matt waiting beside a large hole in the ground. Curiosity and a high quality amount of alcohol consumption makes Steve the first to jump in, followed by giggling Matt and terrified Andrew with the camera. They come upon a mysterious bright light and after a short investigation, the ground begins to shake and everything goes black. Sometime later, Andrew is back and is now recording the powers they received, telekinetic powers. Andrew finally has purpose in life and friends as they begin to spend every day together and having fun with their superhuman abilities. A crack is created in the boys’ friendship when years of neglect, mental and physical torture weights down on Andrew and a terrible incident happens. Will Matt and Steve be able to help Andrew gain control over his anger? Will Andrew hurt someone? Will the government find out about their powers and take them for scientific research?  


            Omgoodness! Where do I start? Well, I can start with I love this film. Upon watching the trailers, I knew that it is the typical documentary filming of someone recording paranormal or phenomenal events like, the Paranormal Activity movies or The Troll Hunter or the Blair Witch project but this film has so much more than the rest. First, I love Andrew’s character throughout the entire film even when he goes mad. I love that I felt sorry for him because no one understands him and he is constantly bullied by his dad and kids from school. I love that connection of putting myself in his shoes and feeling his pain. His situation has a good message in it to treat people as you would want to be treated because you never know the mental damage you could be doing to them. I enjoyed Matt’s character of being an average popular high school guy and even though no one likes Andrew, he still hangs out with him when he can. I love love Steve’s character because I remember a guy just like him in when I was in high school; well, every high school has someone like him. The popular good-looking jock that is not only great at sports but also smart and loved by everyone. He is not snobby or stuck-up but just wants to enjoy life and make a difference when he gets older. To the film, I believe it was done beautifully. I mean it is no Inception but it has a certain finesse about it that makes it memorable. Maybe because the acting was done so well, it made me believe that something like that can actually happen or maybe because the film made me really emotional and also made me put reasoning behind Andrew’s evil actions during the film. I liked that the special effects weren’t overdone making it look Hollywood and I liked that the character’s were doing things with their powers that a normal teenager would do like pulling pranks on strangers. Only one negative side, it seemed like something was missing from the film like it was skipping certain scenes but the type of film this is, it is acceptable as saying that it doesn’t have to go in complete order to get a great impact from it. All in all, I will buy this film on DVD or Blu-Ray.