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What’s your number?-Review

            Ally Darling (Anna Faris), like millions of women, have been struggling to find the man of her dreams and finds it more difficult after each guy she sleeps with (hoping to be the one) either ends badly or ends up just being a late night physical thing. One day while riding the train, she reads an article in the Marie Clare magazine saying that if a woman is not married and has had twenty sexual partners than she will never be married. Worried and anxious, Ally starts a list and at her sister’s, Daisy (Ari Graynor), rehearsal gathering; she counts up to having nineteen physical partners. Shocked and frightened, she makes a declaration that the next man she sleeps with will be the guy she marries. She also comes up with an idea to avoid new one-night-stands and that’s to locate all of her exes and see which one is compatible for her. She uses her next door neighbor, named Colin Shea (Chris Evans) who is a good-looking and charming “different woman a night” bachelor and grew up as the son of a policeman, to find her exes. In exchange, she will let him to hide out in her apartment and wait for the woman of the night to leave without having to deal with the awkward “the morning after.” As they go down the list, Ally finds that some of the men are either married, engaged, crazed or a loser and she loses hope of ever finding love. They both find one hopeful named Jake Adams, who is rich and successful but is currently in Africa. Will she ever find her twenty? Could Colin be her twenty? Will Jake return and become her twenty? 


            I enjoyed watching this film. All of Anna’s characters tend to be type-cast as being bubbly, naïve and sometimes just mentally lost and I always enjoy watching her perform the same personality. Her desperate attempts to locate and win the hearts of her exes are hilarious especially when she pretends to be British using a horrible accent. The gorgeous Chris’ character brings a down-to-earth struggling musician yet charming finish to the duo that creates a great romantic comedy. This film has the typical hatred to slow-starting romance that leads to the predictable ending. Sometimes, I just want to watch a romantic comedy where the couple that is likely to get together doesn’t but then it wouldn’t be romantic. All in all, a good date night flick and I will see this film again.

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