“This Film Is Not Yet Rated”, which was stamped with a NC-17 rating as well as many others, is a documentary that centers on the MPAA rating system. The Motion Picture Association of America is one of the few Top Secret association in the world who decides what film gets the following ratings: G, PG, PG-13, R, and the feared NC-17 rating. If you really have a passion for movies, then this one won’t disappoint. You will have an entirely different perspective on movies.

Film-maker Kirby Dick has backbone to create a documentary based on the powerful MPAA ratings board. This I will give him credit for. His point is made vaguely with wit. Very important documentary for those whose sole purpose is to enjoy the movies the way they were intended. Watch out Michael Moore, Kirby Dick just marked his spot in film-making.

One thing the film hovers around is the fact that many of the most well known directors have been stamped with an NC-17 rating that forced them to take out some scenes that were a really important part of the film in order to make it an R rating. Some of these scenes that were force to be removed actually made the movie. The audience has never seen their favorite films the way they were meant to be seen. The film includes interviews from film critics, authors, and film-makers which include Kevin Smith, John Waters and many more.

This is one of the most interesting documentaries that I have ever seen. Worth renting for the sole purpose of understanding the trouble this association has caused some of our favorite directors stress and agony. Why do these films have to be slapped with a NC-17 rating? Excellent documentary that studies the film institutions worst enemy and delivers a fatal blow on the MPAA.

Engaging and thought provoking. Take the time to really study the effort put forth in this film. Admire the courage that it took to make such a controversial subject as this one. Give it up for Kirby Dick, the film-makers hero and legend.