I’ll admit, when I first seen the preview for this, I was mildly excited for this one.   One of those, ‘well if nothing else is out then I’ll check it’.  Opening weekend comes around with me and the misses seeing She’s out of my league before seeing this the next day.  I feel stupid for putting this one off.  I was blown away by this one.The plot is simple enough to follow while dealing with present day politics.Matt Damon plays Roy Miller, a Chief Warrant Officer in the Army tasked with investigating and finding WMDs in the opening months of the Iraq War.  Unfortunately all the sites he goes to are empty, causing him to question his superiors about the intelligence. The movie follows 4 main characters; Clark Poundstone (Greg Kinnear) is the US ambassador in charge of turning Iraq into a peaceful Democracy and was apparently the driving force for the war, Martin Brown (Brandon Gleeson) a CIA chief also questioning the WMD intelligence, General Al-Rawi (Yigal Noar) the Iraqi General who wants peace in the middle east and is interested in brokering a deal with the US to maintain stability, and Miller the guy on the ground following the clues looking for answers.What really made this movie stand out to me was how well everything flowed together.  The characters are well balanced and are easy to watch.  The pacing of the movie does wonders and works extremely well.  There was very little standing around in the movie.  In fact the only time the move slows down is when Miller and his translator go to the Army prison to talk to a detainee.  But this down time to me felt like the film maker saying “hey you sitting down and rested?  Good cause were about to go for our around the world run” And run they did.  The last 20-30 minutes of the movie leaves you feeling exhausted from how fast it moves.If I had to find anything wrong with the movie, it would be some petty things.  The shaky cam rears it’s ugly head, but given the flow of the film, it almost fits in well. The chase scene is marred with a very dark environment, at some points making it hard to follow the guys on the screen.  At times Damon feels like he’s over acting at some points.  Case in point, he has moment with Kinnear that starts maturely before slipping into a high school slap fight because Miller can’t handle not having the last word.  Damon also resurrects his star making Will Hunter (Good Will Hunting for the uninformed) by throwing out F bombs in some pretty unnecessary moments.  Some of the suffering of the Iraqis are touched on, but it kinda feels like it was thrown in as after thought cause someone remembered there is a line about the people missing things.  But like I said, any real complaints about this movie are pretty petty.  This is a really great movie to kick back and watch on a friday night when you need a reason to crack open a beer and relax.