The Town (2010)


The film sets in present day Charlestown, the town with the highest crime rate and bank robbaries in the United States.  The film is based around a gang of men who speacialize in bank and armored truck robbaries.  The movie begins with a bank robbary which ends in the taking of a female bank clerk played by Rebecca Hall.  The main character (Ben Affleck) has a romance with the clerk after the robbary (mainly because she does not know that he was involved with her taking) While Ben Affleck has to deal with his gang and his new female interest, he also has to watch out for police, especially an FBI agent (played by Jon Hamm) who just happens to be right on the gangs tail!


I watched this movie with the knowledge that Ben Affleck directs and wrote this film and to be honest I didn’t know what to expect. I never saw “Good Will Hunting” in which Ben Affleck co. wrote, so I didn’t have any expectations.  I honestly have to say that this movie was very entertaining and very well thought-out!  All of the acting is great from the main character, all the way down to the extras!  The film did have more of a drama feel to it, rather than an action movie but the story itself makes up for it.  With that said, the film also had very great and well directed action sequences!  one thing I have to say about the action in this film is that it is very realistic and doesn’t fall into the pattern that the characters are “unbeatable” and can dodge ten-thousand bullets!  All-in-all I thought this was a very well put together film and I will definitly watch it again and again!

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