Red Tails

George Lucas is someone that everybody knows. The main reason behind this is because the filmmaker has created two of the most popular franchises to be put on the screen: Star Wars and Indiana Jones. But now, it seems like Mr. Lucas is trying to stray away from these two franchises. This is notable in his new film “Red Tails”. While George Lucas may not have a writing or directing credit to this film, Lucas is still being listed as executive producer. “Red Tails” delivers an exciting and entertaining ride, despite having some flaws, but keeps you glued to your seat with some incredible action.

The story involves the group of African American fighters known as the Tuskegee Airmen. These were trained fighter pilots to aide white soldiers during World War II. The movie basically centers on this team of pilots as they try to help win the war against Germany. Also, the men must try and get along with trying to overcome racial issues, as well as each other.

“Red Tails” is, despite what a lot of people are saying, actually good. The cast does a fine job at portraying the brave men who had to deal with fighting along side white men. The direction is great and definitely is one the best out there. But what really shines for this film is the action sequences. First off, they are fantastic to look at. The timing is great, the choreography is great, it’s just great. This is one of those films makes you pay attention to what is going on. Also, the attention to detail is amazing. The costumes are great, the way the movie is set is perfect in detail; if you’re a history buff, then you will definitely enjoy this movie. Even though the planes do look like they are computer generated, you can definitely tell that a lot of hard work went into making the visual effects look outstanding. This is a movie where the visuals alone are worth the price of admission.

Unfortunately, there are some things that make the film a bit flawed. The good news is that there are only two complications that keep the film from being perfect. The first being that there is a subplot that involves one of the Tuskegee Airmen falling in love with a woman. If this subplot had not been a problem, then the pacing would have been better. The next and final flaw for this movie is there could have been more racial tension involved. What this means is that during WWII, when African Americans were fighting along side white men, there were clashes between the two races. If the film had included more tension, it would have been more realistic.

In conclusion, “Red Tails” offers a nice history lesson of what the Tuskegee Airmen did for our country during WWII. If the film had taken a more realistic approach, then it would have been perfect. But as it stands, it’s quite good. If George Lucas continues to do more of these types of films, maybe the public can stray away from Star Wars and Indiana Jones and see what other things are up his sleeve.

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