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Little Fockers (2010)

Little Fockers is the third installment of Ben Stiller’s comedy films based around Greg [Gaylord] Focker (Benstiller) and his difficulty getting his father in-law Jack Burns (Robert De Niro) to accept his marriage to his daughter Pam (Teri Polo) and into the family of the Burns’s.  In this particular film, it seems that Jack has new issues regarding Greg, such as infidelity, taking hold of the family reigns as well as raising his twins.  However Greg strives to meet and exceed his father in-laws expectations and in doing so he usually ends up making things worse in hilarious results.

Greg seems to have built himself up to a respectable position in his hospital, so much so it seems that he is handling all of the Drug representatives.  He also has two twins for which he is planning a large birthday party for.  Things take a turn though when Kevin (Owen Wilson) his wife’s ex-husband shows up claiming his girlfriend left him due to Greg’s advice of speaking from the heart for his proposal.  Greg is also being pressured by Jack to take over the family reigns so his legacy and family can live on.   Keeping in spirit with the first two films even more trouble builds on Greg’s plate for a balancing act when he finds that the newest drug representative is the beautiful Andi Garcia (Jessica Alba) he finds himself in deep trouble with his father  in-law through no fault of his own.  Greg trying vying for Jacks approval of his children tries to get them into the first human school, and expensive preparatory school which promises success in theirs students futures.  During the application process however, Jack begins to think that Greg’s daughter ended up with his genes through his daughter and their son received a “double dose of Focker.”  Greg also needs to prevent his family from wondering about his relationship with Andi, which later turns into a large misunderstanding.  The film of course ends happily much like the others.

The actors in the third film of course keep the same actors and actresses from the first two with a new guest, Jessica Alba.  The cast packed by big stars like Robert De Niro, Barbara Streisand, Blythe Danner, and Dustin Hoffman, is a wonderful collection of comedy stars as well as some that are usually suited for serious roles but flourish in this trilogy.  That being said however it seems as though the film makers dulled many of the strong actors and actresses roles to more of cameo’s along side Stiller and De Niro.  In such a short film it is difficult for everyone to get much time on screen and they did an excellent job making sure everyone got a great deal but I find that i found myself wanting more of the other characters stories and antics rather than just a focus again on De Niro and Stiller’s characters battling once again for power and acceptance.

Plot wise i think could have been a bit stronger.  Almost the entirety of the film was based around Greg’s supposed  infidelity to Pam with drug rep. Andi.  The children were a large focus of the film as well but I found that they were more of a side plot rather than the main plot which i think would have been far more interesting and hilarious considering the antics of the children in the film, such as the scene when Greg’s son find his father and grandfather in the bathroom.  With a better plot i believe the length of the film could have been extended, I found myself wanting to watch a bit more of this family.

I don’t know why but whenever i see a film that’s only an hour and a half long I always feel cheated, like it was just another special episode of a series on TV.   Just another half hour of footage and hilarity could have gone a long way.  I also think that the move was a bit of a stretch considering its the third of a feud between father and father in-law and the humor was getting a bit stale such as the “I’m still watching you” which was played out in the first film.  That being said I still found a great deal of humor in the movie, especially Greg’s son and Father, who was my favorite.  If you were a fan of the first two I would recommend watching it although the spirit of the film has changed a bit the characters have not.

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  1. Just a bit of constructive feedback – methinks it’s redundant to outline the plot in such great detail. A short outline is fine. But something in-depth spoils the experience for the uninitiated, and is redundant reiteration for those who’ve seen the movie.

    Other than that, I pretty much agree with you on the movie. I actually read an interview with Paul Weitz who said they cut out a metric fuckload of extra funny stuff for the sake of pacing. Perhaps the additional half-hour of hilarity will reside on the DVD.

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