Movie and Film Reviews (MFR) Comedy The Forsaken King of Comedy- My short biopic on the great Red Skelton

The Forsaken King of Comedy- My short biopic on the great Red Skelton


Red Skelton (Richard Bernard Skelton) was a comedian that many of the younger generation may be unaware of; but I believe he deserves are attention. He was born on July 18, 1913 and died September 17, 1997. In the 84 years in which he lived, he graced us with laughs and loud ones at that. The characters that he portrayed are unforgettable and no matter who you are you can watch his show over and over again.



I believe that Robin Williams (The Man of the Year) is strongly influenced by Red- by the way in which he spontaneously rattles off humor in the seeming adlib for which he has a talent.


Red never goes out of date, and unlike youngsters may think he is not stiff or rigidly old-fashioned and awkward; rather we are drenched in joviality that comes from the heart bestowed upon us by this impresario of omnipotence in the field of humor.


I personally am a lover of classic films and if you like Red Skelton you will probably enjoy The Seven Year Itch-although it is not as entertaining as the forsaken godfather of comedy Red Skelton.


You can probably find a copy of Red’s work in you’re local Wal-Mart- in the electronics section in the $3 movies. If not they’re by them online. However you manage it, don’t miss this jewel of a comedian.


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