Happy Feet

“Happy Feet” features an accomplished voice cast that includes Elijah Wood, Brittany Murphy, Hugh Jackman, Nicole Kidman, and Robin Williams. It is directed by George Miller (Babe: Pig in the Big City) and written by Warren Coleman, John Collee, George Miller, and Judy Morris.

Dropped as an egg, Mumbles (Elijah Wood) is a penguin unlike any of the other penguins. Born in a colony of singing penguins, Mumbles doesn’t sing with his voice, but with his happy feet. This is looked down upon by his fellow penguins, especially since Mephis (Hugh Jackman) and Norma Jean (Nicole Kidman), his parents, have great voices. This dilemma makes his parents worried that he will have trouble finding a mate. Mumbles ends up being blamed for the penguins food shortage and must prove that the shortage isn’t his fault.

Right off the bat you will fall in love with these adorable singing penguins. After the dreadfully boring “March of the Penguins”, I couldn’t help but feel overjoyed at the end of “Happy Feet”. A cute animated film with heart and soul. Catchy tones and songs that are scrambled with other songs that create awe-inspiring music. I loved the tap-dancing. Watch the special feature to see the man who tap-danced for Mumbles. It is an amazing sight.

“Happy Feet” deserved the Golden Globe award best animated feature over “Cars”. It was more dazzling and beautiful to look at. The story is simple and to the point. The movie might have worked better with more singing, because those scenes just managed to maintain a smile on my face. The voices that stood out the most are Hugh Jackman, Nicole Kidman, and Brittany Murphy. I thought that the film started to head down hill when Mumbles was blamed for the food shortage, but then recovered once the ending rolled around.

I would have to say that “Happy Feet” deserves a recommendation to everyone, especially the lot of you who love penguins. It’s cute, funny, stunning, but at times fumbles a pebble or two, which is forgiven in the end. “Happy Feet” taps it’s way into memory. Director George Miller has a nag for animal films and does and excellent job at portraying the lives of these animals, but this is his best film yet.  

2 thoughts on “Happy Feet”

  1. I agree with you that this film should have received the Oscar for Best Animated Film over Cars. I also agree with you that this a much better penguin movie than March of the Penguins.

  2. I agree that this movie did not get the recognition that it deserved but mostly animated films and horror don’t get it.

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