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Going the Distance (2010)

I recently watched….(twice)….the newly released “Going The Distance”, starring real life sweethearts Drew Barrymore (Erin), and Justin Long(Garrett). I knew what I could expect before watching this, and was sure that this was just another “chick flick”, that would most likely have me laughing at one moment, and cuddling up with my fiancee at another….and that it did. What I didn’t expect is the hilarious standout performances by newcomer Charlie Day as Dan, the roomate who likes to drink beer on the toilet….. and the always great Christina Applegate as Barrymore’s slightly germophobic Sister, Corrine. The movie begins with two people, (Barrymore & Long) , who meet and fall for each other in New York. Neither is ready to commit to anything serious, but regardless they begin dating. After only 6 weeks Barrymore’s character (Erin) is forced to move from New York to California in order to finish school, and so begins their obstacle filled long distance relationship.  I would have to say that I am a real softy at heart, and always enjoy watching a good chick flick with my lady, but when a movie can keep us cuddling and falling out of our seats laughing at the same time I am very impressed. I honestly loved this movie and don’t have many criticizing things to say about it, And I hope you will give it a chance and watch it sometime with a  loved one, or even just by yourself or with some friends….It’s definitely worth your dollar, and your time.  And for those of you who loved “Top Gun” or “Dirty Dancing”, there are a couple scenes in the movie that will have you rolling with laughter, I guarantee it.

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  1. Love your review! I concur with everything you said. I added this one to my movie collection and I’ve watched it at least three times. There are so many hilarious comedic moments which make for a great comedy! I also think Applegate was totally awesome and the chemistry between Long and Barrymore was superb. Loves it!

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