In the movie Marley & Me, Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston star as two newly weds, John and Jen Grogan. Soon after being married they buy a house down in South Florida so they can live in a place where the climate is warmer. When Jen starts to mention having kids this scares John. He has a talk with his friend Sebastian, played by Eric Dane, and he tells John to get her a puppy that way when they have a kid it won’t be as hard to take care of. So John and Jen buy a very cute yellow lab to join the family that they name Marley, after the Reggae legend Bob Marley. Over the years Marley causes plenty of havoc for the couple. He does everything from tear up the sofa to bark all night when there is a thunderstorm. Eventually, Jen gets pregnant and they have their first kid. Soon enough she gets pregnant once again and they have another son. As time passes Jen starts to get stressed out from the two kids and Marley. After their neighbor is attacked, John decides to move the family to a safer neighborhood. Things start to get better as more time passes and they have one more kid, this time a girl. The kids start to grow up and the couple starts to get older, as well as Marley. The movie soon winds down to a point that heartbreaks every pet owner in the world, and while it may be somewhat obvious the final outcome of the movie I won’t spoil anything.

The movie is a very heartfelt one, but don’t let the previews deceive you. This may be advertised as a family movie but it deals with a lot of grown up problems. However this is still one for anyone who is a dog lover and or a fan of either of the two leads. Both Owen Wilson and Jennifer Aniston give fine performances and have a good chemistry throughout the film. They don’t seem to age over the years but that’s something you can let slide as you get lost in the story of a new couple and their maniac dog.

Overall I would say this is a decent movie. Not the best and far from the worst but a perfect movie for this holiday season. While some of the material dealt with in the movie is more for adults children will still love the movie and enjoy seeing Marley in all the antics he gets in. I’d definitely say take the family to see this one in theaters.