Vantage Point

Directed by: Pete Travis

Starring: Dennis Quaid, Whitaker, Sigourney Weaver, Zoe Saldana.


To be frank, if one forgets loose ends and logic less questions about how, come a naxalite suddenly apply brakes after seeing a small child, when he has killed thousands of people? Well if you forget this scene , then vantage point is thumbs up. For others, who are not satisfied with the scene, you would be thinking over again and again, how did hell break lose? There may be few questions in viewers mind. Is Vantage Point a solid thriller? Does the plot engage ? Does the writing join loose ends ? Well, I am writing this review to answer those questions. Director Pete Travis ( from the television) has taken up his first motion picture. Assisted by his writer, Levy Vantage point sets a sensational premise.


It is about attempted assassination of President Ashton, who has come to Spain, to attend a summit regarding “Anti terrorist”

A sudden gun shot and now it is about finding the assassin. The event occurs near 12:30 pm, and Travis cycles through various events that occur, before assassination. Some things occur in a flash, and it takes time to pick up of just what happened. Anyways an interesting premise.


Levy’s writing is full of quick footages and characters that are much necessary during the premise. There is also sly logic that is far beyond imagination. But amongst all, Vantage point is hooker. Seats will be tight, for the first 40 minutes, and slowly one can relax when plot unfolds. A quick car chase, unfolded by chronological events, and a sloppy climax. It ends! The methodology works, but experimental thinking???? Please keep your brains at home.


Pete Travis cycles through episodes, just like television drama and slowly unfolds the plot. As plot unfolds, the thrill is gone, audience will wait for the film to end. Well, the last 20 minutes is loaded with events that some how connect with no brain. Only thing I did not like, is the way It ended so abruptly without joining loose ends. Also the clear intention about, terrorists are not clear.  Should we wait for another episode?


Dennis Quaid takes the role as a troubled agent who keeps his eyes broader and gets frequently disturbed by camera flashes. His past is not clear. Sigourney Weaver has a small role as a news channel head. Zoe Saldana plays a cameo. Whitaker plays an enthusiastic camera man. Some times he gets too enthusiastic. A dialog in the film reveals that, Don’t leave any loose ends. Travis has left loose ends.


So finally, Vantage Point is a goody action thriller that quite works if one gets amnesiac about loose ends in the film. I am partially amnesiac with loose ends, because I appreciate the premise and the brisk rapid paced screenplay. Hence I would give the film a partial thumbs up. It could have better. I am so dissatisfied with its hell break loose ending.



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