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Rhyming Review For ‘Compliance’

‘Compliance’ is a creepy thriller that is inspired by events that are claimed to be true
It shows how in certain circumstances there are some questionable things people do

The entire story takes place in a busy restaurant where fast food is what they serve
One of the employees is the victim of a sick individual who could be called a perv

It starts when the manager gets a call from a police detective, or so that is his claim
He says an employee stole some money from a customer and so begins his sick game

Respecting authority, and assuming he is who he says, the manager believes this man
She wants to help him with this situation and be cooperative in any way she can

The employee claims innocence but she seems to have no choice but to go along
The detective manipulates different people to do things to her that are very wrong

He has answers to their questions and objections, and he does this all via the phone
In real life this type of event occurs somewhat often and, at the end, stats are shown

The main actresses are Ann Dowd and Dreama Walker and they play their parts well
It’s good but might make you tense and uncomfortable so it’s probably a tough sell

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