Repo Man-Review


This film is about repossession. Unfortunately, everyday people have their houses, cars, commercial property and even children get repossessed throughout the World. All of that sounds like a nice slice of chocolate cake compared to what Remy (Jude Law) and Jake (Forrest Whitaker) do for a living. Many years into the future, a new way of living longer through diseases and internal body damage is discovered. If someone needs a new heart, that person doesn’t have to wait for a donor to pass away, just buy an artificial one from The Union. Same goes for kidneys, livers, eyes, esophagus and more. This may sound like an easy fix to living a longer life until someone can’t pay the expensive bill. One liver can cost up to half a million dollars with interest. Pricey. That’s where Remy and Jake come in, they repossess unpaid organs. Remy and Jake are best friends and everything is working well for them until Remy has a near fatal accident where he has to take artificial heart. Soon, Remy is in the same situation as his repossessed victims and now he much find a way to survive because he can’t afford the bill. How will Remy pay for his heart? Will it be his best friend who has to repossess him? Can Remy beat the system and escape to a remote island?


I really enjoyed watching this movie. I’m not a big Jude Law fan but watching him execute combat moves besides playing the love interest, was quite sexy. Also, I’m not a big Forrest Whitaker fan but watching his mood swings switch from loyal best friend to psychotic slasher, was quite refreshing. I’m always a sucker for gory, action types of films, so this film did it for me. From Jake taking out organs without having any remorse to Remy taking on the Union, other repossess men and women. The “you are about to die in the worst way” devious look in his eyes before he kills someone to taking a knife to the side and slashing four people in the process. Nice. I loved the futurist quality of the film because the scenery actually looked like it is our future. There wasn’t the average flying cars or people wearing styrofoam as the latest fashion trend, just a couple of technological upgrades. I was touched and upset by Remy’s connection to Jake. Jake loves Remy like a brother and was willing to do anything to keep them together, even if it meant a little betrayal. I will not tell what it is, I’ll let you find that out. It was just touching to see two men be such close friends like Remy and Jake. All in all, I will buy this movie.

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