Astro Boy is a 2009 animated film directed by David Bowers. The film follows a young boy named Toby Tenma (Freddie Highmore) who is the son of the head scientist of Metro City Dr. Tenma (Nicholas Cage). Toby wants to see his father at work and decides to go unknowingly drop by and is quickly turned away but sneaks into the presentation. Dr. Tenma is attempting to create a robot guardian called the “Peacekeeper” powered by a blue core,  which is made up of pure positive energy from a fallen star (don’t worry, it doesn’t get too sciency).

President Stone (Donald Sutherland) decides he wants more bang for his buck and ignores the warnings about using the red core (pure negative energy, who would have guessed?), placing it in the “Peacekeeper” and releasing a killing machine. The group runs and hides behind a shield door not realizing that Toby was closed in with the “Peacekeeper” and he is killed. Dr. Tenma in his moment of depression secretly creates a robotic copy of Toby and placing the blue core inside him recreates his dead son.

This film is another great example of adding adult themes to a child oriented idea to make a source of entertainment for all ages. I loved most of the voice acting; Freddie Highmore and Kristen Bell especially were great in their respective roles. The humor was another big positive for the film, several side characters even a cameo from the voice of Samuel L. Jackson were worth a laugh or two. My biggest complaint is Nicholas Cage in the movie, which complaining about a voice actor is pretty bad; he was just so dull and boring and sounded very much uninspired but his character doesn’t have a lot of screen time so it’s not as bad.

I did enjoy the story but I’ve never seen the show or anything it was based on so I’m not really sure how accurate they were towards the source material. The film was a great gem if you found it, me being one of the many who didn’t know it was even released. I’m definitely recommending this to anyone who missed out on it, which I think is a big majority.