The greatest man to ever impact literature was without a doubt Hubert Selby Jr., though not many people know of the author (who wrote classics like Requiem For a Dream and Last Exit to Brooklyn). This movie shows the things that Selby had to go through in his 75 year life, which ended in 2004. The film provides commentary from Darren Aronofsky, Richard Price and is narrated by Robert Downey Jr.

Hubert “Cubby” Selby Jr. was born in New York, and when he was young he ran away to join the Merchant Marines during World War II. While on the boat to bring the soldiers cow meat, the meat developed Tuberculosis, which Cubby then caught. He went to a sanitarium after returning from the war, and had a few ribs and a lung removed from him. His problems spawned his amazing writing and his prose that makes his lyricism seem like God himself is painting a beautiful picture in your head. The self described “Scream looking for a mouth” is truly a legend in life and if possibly the greatest American author… ever.

Best Aspects: A fantastically done Documentary that asks big-name people about how Selby impacted their lives. Great everything in this movie.

Bottom Line: A+. One of the best Documentaries that I have ever seen.