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Resident Evil: Damnation-Review

The United States armed forces are sent to a Eastern European country to investigate if their government is using B.O.W.s ( Bio Organic Weapons) to ignite a war against the terrorists. When the order is given that all Americas must leave the country, U.S. Special Agent Leon S. Kennedy (Matthew Mercer) ignores the command and stays behind. Soon he is kidnapped by the terrorists, who have a plan to destroy the Lady President Svetlana Belikova (Wendee Lee). Leon escapes but falls into the land of the undead and much fight for his life while uncovering the reasoning behind how the undead were created. Will he find out the truth? Will the infection spread outside of the country?


I loved this film! It was filled with loads of great action. Especially the fight scene between President Svetlana and Ada Wong (Courtenay Taylor) and another one but I don’t want to give that away. I loved Ada’s character. She is smart, sneaking, dangerous and very conning. President Svetlana is powerful, very confident, and always has a plan B. Both are great characters that gave great performances. I usually hate actors who give “one-liners,” but I liked Leon’s because it suits his character. He gave a lot of one-liners, by the way. The animations are beyond awesome. There were moments where a scene looked like it was in 3D, such as, a pipe breaking into an undead’s skull and out of the mouth to the camera. I love that the end of the story moves right into Resident Evil 6, the video game. So far, I’ve only beaten Leon’s campaign. It’s really awesome how the game picks up from the end of the movie. I believe that this film is as good as, if not better, than Resident Evil: Retribution with Milla Jovovich. All in all, I will see this film again.

Rating: 4.5 stars

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