After the tragic death of Bruce Wayne’s (Christian Bale) beloved Rachel and Gotham’s white knight Harvey Dent, Bruce goes into mourning for eight years. He returns to society when a powerful villain named Bane (Tom Hardy) begins terrorizing Gotham city. The many problems with becoming Batman again is that the city thinks he killed Dent, he’s a lot older and he has many battle life-threatening wounds as he tries to fight the massively built Bale. Shortly later, Bale announces his great plan to destroy Gotham in a way no other villain has done before. Bruce gathers his allies, Selina aka Catwoman (Anne Hathaway), Commissioner Gordon (Gary Oldman) and Fox (Morgan Freeman), to stop Bale’s plan in its tracks. Can Bruce save Gotham from a brilliant mastermind? Will Batman and Catwoman get together?


Two hour and forty-five minutes of my life was wasted while watching this horribly written and plotted film. Hands down-and I’m sure I am alone in this because other people are big fans of the director- the worst film of 2012. First lets start with Selina. Catwoman is traditionally smart and aggressive yet sleek and conning yet sexy. Ann Hathaway showed none of these traits in the film. Every time she would fight four or more men twice her size, the music would get louder and the camera would shy away from her assault making it look like she is kicking but when actually it looks incredibly fake and staged. She also talked too much to get her point across and by her lower her tone does not make her sound devious and independent. When I first found out that she would be playing that role, I was banging my head against the wall. I just knew that was terrible casting and that she will ruin the great Catwomen tradition from years prior like Michelle Pfeiffer-a great Catwoman. But I gave Ann the benefit of a doubt because I thought the same for Health Ledger and look how unbelievably incredible he was in the Dark Knight. The way he just gave himself into the role of the Joker was-to me-ground breaking and made Dark Knight a great film that will go down in history. Maybe I am going over board but Heath was phenomenal. Now, on to Bane, Tom Hardy is a great actor…but he was completely lame in this film. I hated the way that stupid mouth guard made his voice sound like an intellectual robot. I hated the way he moved and walked about in a lazy fashion, even his proper speech was lazy. His lines were boring and dull and I didn’t for one second find him to be an actual villain. A rabid dog is more of a villain than Bane. After watching Christian Bale’s outstanding performance in The Fighter, I was morbidly disappointed from his role as Batman-in all three films. But he can only deal the cards he is dealt from Director Christopher Nolan. Although Bruce did lose a lot, he just looked and acted like a sorry piece of trash whining about his over-sized mansion. Right from the beginning of the film, I was bored and wanted to leave. I hated the sound and music most of all. Every time someone talked or had a mental thought, the music would pick up to add suspense. The fight scenes just sounded like someone slapping against a rug. Two hours and forty-five minutes of pure boredom and regret. All in all, I will never ever see this film again.

Rating: ½ star-which doesn’t even deserve that much