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            How would you avenge your parents’ deaths that were killed by assassins? You become one, of course. Lynn (Shu Qui) and her little sister, Yen (Seoung-Heon Song) are professional assassins, who sneeks in to kill their target and leave quietly home to enjoy a slice of cake from their favorite bakery. Lynn does the dirty work while Yen does the computer and surveillance duties. They use the same technology that their father invented years ago to which caused his death. One day, Lynn runs into an old guy friend and wants to rekindle their love. Problem is Lynn wants to quick the business and Yen doesn’t. A detective named, Hong Yat Hong (Karen Mok) is the first cop to coming close to capturing the deadly duo. When a shocking incident happens that affects both Yen and Hong, they must team up together to get answers and vengeance. Will Hong arrest Yen before she escapes in the end? Who will Lynn chose Yen or her boyfriend? 



            I like this film. This kind of film doesn’t leave one stuck in one emotion for too long. I was sucked into giggling during the comedic scenes, jumping in my seat with the action scenes, and crying my eyes until they hurt on the emotional scenes (a lot). I enjoyed watching Lynn and Yen sisterly relationship, as it was very believable with the closeness for one another. I liked the fight scenes, although there were too many slow motion moments. Also, how is it that Lynn’s hair is always blowing with the wind when no one else’s is and she’s indoors? That’s a little too much. I liked that each character played their role without it looking rehearsed or memorized, I could imagine them meeting with them in the movie and it not feel like a movie. All in all, I will see this film again.  

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  1. WOW! I completely forgot about this film, I wanted to see it years ago now when i came across it on lol but I never got around to buying it. Having now come across your review, I must finally watch this film!

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