Looper 2012

‘Looper’ is a Sci-fi, action adventure thriller set in the future of 2072, Joe (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is a hired specialised assassin employed by the mob to get rid of people who are sent from the future, however things take a turn for the worst when the mob ‘closes the loop’ by sending back Joe’s future self (Bruce Willis) where he must ‘fight his past’ in order to survive.

The film was entertaining in the way it fabricated events, it had a unique take on the subject matter of ‘time travel’ where the narrative was original and an enjoyable watch, one rule for a ‘looper’ is to “never let your target escape” which is an unfortunate mis-hap that befalls upon Seth, Joe’s close friend. One scene in particular that was interesting was when we see Old Seth’s body parts slowly disappear as he races to save himself from being cut to pieces because his past self is being tortured, whatever happens to the past Seth affects the future him. It was disturbing to watch because watching the body parts disappear, made me imagine the violence that was happening to the past version of the character in my mind, this I found was successfully achieved through the use of psychological torment amongst the audience, what we imagine has far more impact than what we see.

The acting performed by Cid (Pierce Gagnon) created a creepy approach of combining innocence with violence through the use of a child, I wouldn’t want to give too much away but all I can say is watch out for this cute little bundle of terror, I liked the way the child has an intelligent form of intellect which has a creative sense of humour added to the film. What’s interesting is that even though Joe from the future and the past are one same person they both have different perspectives of life and fight for different purposes, as though they are two separate people.

The visual effects were very stunning and created the effect of a graphic novel, in one particular scene the way the man exploded in slow motion with the child screaming in the background reflected on the element of surrealism where it looked disturbing but dream like.

The film was a little confusing in some aspects, what I found displeasing is the overall ending of the film, I felt like something was missing in some parts of the narrative and that I expected something more to happen. I felt I had many unanswered questions; despite this, the whole world created in the film portrays the chaos and poverty which showcases some sort of realism in society, the characters run their lives on what’s unmoral where violence, killing and poverty is considered the norm. But; this film is definitely worth watching to see something uniquely crafted, I wouldn’t call this film a cliché due to its original storyline.

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