The Sweeny

A hardened and ruthless cop Jack Regan (Ray Winstone) and George Carter ( Ben Drew) set to find the killers of a murdered young women from a robbery job in London. A modern take based on the ‘70s UK TV show ‘The Sweeny’; is an action packed British crime thriller directed by Nick Love.

Well, I haven’t seen the TV series myself but after seeing this film I was pretty impressed, the cinematography provided a dark and cold atmosphere of London combined with a beautiful music collaboration through the use of ‘dubstep’, the scene where the little boy runs in a race whilst the robbery is in progress, was edited remarkably where the music and feel of the race coincided with the robbery, with each thunderous step of the foot hitting the ground; matching the breaking of the glass in the robbery was crafted brilliantly.

The action scenes were great to watch and the characters sense of humor kept me laughing and entertained through out, one point in the film which really got me on edge; was when Jack Regan and Nancy (Hayley Atwell) chased two of the criminals into the car park, that was so intense, the dark lighting and absence of sound added to the nail biting tension, it was so unbearable, I felt at any moment something was going to jump out at me, the feeling got so tense, Jack Regan looked more on edge then ever and you could see the adrenaline was pounding when he got frustrated and started swearing due to rattled nerves; it made me feel completely on the edge of my seat.

The story line was easy to follow and not so complex that it allowed me to simply enjoy the film and become immersed in what was happening without feeling lost, there were a few unnecessary scenes, which distracted me from the overall narrative of the film, like the sex scenes between Jack and Nancy which I felt didn’t relate to anything in the plot because the action within the film made it exciting all by itself. Nonetheless the film provides many action shots and funny moments, like the use of un-ethical methods of capturing criminals using baseball bats made it so much more fun to watch. I would highly recommend this film however, if you liked the TV series you might find a lot of changes in the movie especially with the characters due to the modern twist on the film, but still if you do go to watch ‘The Sweeny’ be prepared for a lot of action and an ear full.

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