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Dinner for Schmucks-Review


This film is about an analyst named Tim Conrad (Paul Rudd) who is trying to land a new company promotion. Basically, he has the promotion but have to participate in his boss’s yearly tradition. Conrad has to find someone who is an idiot and invite that person to his boss’s dinner to be made fun of. If his guest wins, Conrad gets the promotion. Well, he finds that special someone named, Barry Speck (Steve Carell) and Conrad’s girlfriend does not want him to hurt Speck’s feeling just to get a promotion. Speck is a lonely auditor who spends his spare time making taxidermied mouse art. Until he met Conrad, Speck hasn’t had a friend for a long time and he is overly excited. Does Conrad go behind his girlfriend’s wishes and invite Speck to the dinner? Does he not invite Speck and they become best friends even though he doesn’t get the promotion?


I’m a big Steven Carell fan, so I had to rush and see this movie. Well, I thought the film was mediocre. There was some funny parts, but nothing to show all of my teeth when I laugh. Julie, (Stephanie Szostak), plays Conrad’s girlfriend, the connection seems fake to me. I didn’t believe that they were a couple, let alone in love. I think Julie should have been casted to someone else. I did enjoy the creativity of the mouse art, very cute and impressive, even though they were dead mice. The dinner scene was somewhat entertaining but took too long to watch. All in all, I wouldn’t see this movie again but will see the next Steve Carell film because he’s awesome. 

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