“Osmosis Jones” stars Bill Murray, Elena Franklin, Molly Shannon, and the voices of Chris Rock, Laurence Fishbourne, David Hyde Pierce, Brandy Norway, William Shatner, and Ron Howard. It’s directed by Peter and Bobby Farrelly, formerly known for their most famous movie “There’s Something About Mary”.

Frank (Bill Murray) is probably the most unsanitary human alive. He eats anything that isn’t good for him. This leaves hard work for Osmosis Jones (Chris Rock), a white blood cell working for Frank’s immune system, and a cold pill named Drix (David Hyde Pierce). Not to mention a deadly sickness that goes by the name of Thrax (Laurence Fishbourne) has entered Frank’s body and is determined to set a record in the medical books for killing a human quicker than any other sickness.

A sometimes clever, but mostly disgusting film thats casting for Bill Murray was one of the wisest choices made by the film makers. The real problem with this animated/live action flick is the fact that it really isn’t that funny. It may be smart, but for it to work it needs to polish up on the humor. I was more grossed-out than amused. Chris Rock as a White Blood Cell was a funny thought. The acting done by little Elena Franklin was very sloppy. The animation was pretty good, but really nothing you would regret missing.

Most people like to know about the sound. That is a big aspect for animated films. This one has many sound effects, the problem is that they are mainly sounds that aren’t very pleasant (farts, burps, ect.). A decent animated film that could have been funnier with the cast provided. Elena Franklin really destroys some of the moments in the movie with her careless performance, especially near the end.

While watching “Osmosis Jones”, I felt like pausing the movie to go take a shower and brush my teeth. It’s sometimes smart but most of the time it’s just plain nasty. Just not enough laughs and too much disgusting moments to pass as a recommendation. If you have kids, having them watch this might make them change their mind about eating their vegetables. I highly doubt it though. The moral of this movie is to eat healthy and keep clean so you don’t end up popping a pimple or throwing up on someone you are talking to.