A remake of the 2007 flick of the same name, ‘Death at a Funeral’ takes place at the funeral of Aaron (Chris Rock) and Ryan’s (Martin Lawrence) father’s funeral. All of the family are brought together to mourn the passing. Ryan is a top novelist which leads to jealousy from his younger brother who aspires to be an author. Elaine (Saldana), the niece of the deceased, accompanied by her fiancée, Oscar (James Marsden) arrive at her brothers home where she gives Oscar some valium to relax, it turns out that it is not Valium but a hybrid of hallucinogenic drug.

A vertically challenged man blackmails Aaron for £30,000 or he tells their mother about his secret relationship with his father. Meanwhile Danny Glover plays an old man who Tracy Morgan has to carry around the whole day which isn’t terribly funny, it may just be me who doesn’t find old grouchy man funny.

‘Death at a funeral’ has its flaws but it is mostly a humorous and entertaining film. The film has taken the best comedic actors of this generation and put them in a film together. The star of the film is definitely James Marsden. His character, Oscar is so likeable you do wonder how Elaine’s father could not like him and his behaviour on the hallucinogenic pills is downright hilarious. Chris Rock is excellent as usual, as the one person who seems to have any common sense in the room.

There are some promising moments in the film, but a lot of the jokes become a bit repetitive by the end, the mistake pills in particular. A lot of the problems with the original film have not been taken care of in the remake; some of the characters come off as irritating and stupid and some of the scenarios ridiculous. The ending is also slightly unbelievable.

Despite its shortcomings, I did find the film entertaining and did find myself crying with laughter at certain points.