The film starts out with Evelyn Salt (Angelina Jolie) being held captive and tortured by Korean military. They believe that she was sent there to be a spy and obtain classified information. All is safe when the U.S. come to her rescue and take her back to the States. Years later, life is normal for Salt. She has a great job working for the C.I.A and a loving husband who would jump in front of a bullet for her. Things turn sour when Salt has to do a last minute interrogation on a Russian snitch, played by Daniel Olbrychski. He informs her that a Russian spy named Evelyn Salt will assassinate the Russian president that day. Salt is taken aback and scared for her life because her superiors and a member of the national security, Agent Peabody (Chiwetel Ejiofor), heard the Russian’s accusations. Convinced that the male is a liar, Salt tries to reason with the others who heard, but they don’t believe her.  To prevent from being put in jail and for fear of her husband’s safety, Salt is on the run. Questions start to rise when Salt goes to the location where the Russian president is located. Is she really a Russian spy? Is she there to protect the President? Is she an American agent only portraying a Russian spy to eliminate their terrorist actions? Will she become captured and tortured into telling the truth?


Well, above all Jolie is the queen of action films, so there’s no need to say how great she is. I enjoyed how the film kept me guessing. I was convinced that she was a spy and maybe had her memory erased to protect her cover. I was convinced that she wasn’t a spy and was being framed for a future political crime. Then again, I was convinced that she was a spy who hated America and wanted to see it destroyed. I liked the action in the film, from car roof jumping to hand-to-hand combat.  At moments I thought, oh great, now she’s caught, she will never get away from all that security. Wrong! I liked that she doesn’t only use her fighting skills but her brain to manipulate and maneuver out of tough situations to escape. The storyline was impressive and original, like a new age spy bond type film. I would buy this film when it comes to DVD. Very good film.